Friday, May 26, 2006

Spring is definitely upon us if the number of young Starlings being fed in the garden is anything to go by, but you'd scarcely know it by looking at the weather. The last few weeks have been very dank and miserable, and although there has been plenty of rain, which is a blessing for the flower beds, it has a long way to go to do anything about the drought being suffered by Southern England.

But a televisual treat to come will be Spring Watch with Bill Oddie which is due to kick off next Monday (29th). Last year's was absolutely magical.

Ealier this week we had Sir David Attenborough come out with a two-part TV programme, finally saying that we need to get dealing with global warming, because he is now completely convinced that the problem is anthropogenic in origin.

Well, that's cause for celebration as far as I am concerned, because hopefully this will now start to get seriously political. If the voters care, the politicians are going to start listening and actually doing something with a bit of urgency.

But it also occurs to me that Britatin has a special place in all this and we should collectively be leading the way on the basis of moral imperative. For the industrial revolution, which started us all down the high-energy consumption route, started in Britain. It was on the basis of this revolution that the British Empire was able to expand so successfully, in the process exporting the attitudes and aspirations attendant with the industrial mentality, to the rest of the world.

So Britain set up the framework for the consumerism that powers the global economy, of which global warming is a prime consequence. Having pointed the world in the direction of catastrophe, it behooves Britain to lead in turning said world away from the edge of the abyss and towards a more sustainable future.