Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back from holiday, in just a week it seems an awfully long time ago already, although the cheese in the fridge belies this.

I realise now that although I have been to Italy several times in the past, onbusiness, I had never actually been to Italy in any real sense. But I have now. We were lucky enouhg to be staying with friends who run the garden of the summer house of this rich industrialist dude, and I fancy that he has the best view across Lago Maggiore of any.

I am now tempted to nip up to the top of the field next door, put up a large hoarding and paint the alps on it. Having woken up to such a view for the thick end of a fortnight, the oak trees seem rather tame.

The geology was, of course, just wonderful, and I struggled to be retrained in returning with samples. But I was reasonably successful, and the plane home did manage to get airborne.

So now, after great food and wine, fantastic days out in the mountains and show gardens, its back to finding a job. As a fully trained science teacher now, this shouldn't be proving as difficult as it is. However, I am told that there is something of a downturn in teaching vacancies at present - oh good! So in the absence of anything else, I continue to improve things in the garden and search high and low for anything that will pay a wage. I've signed up to more initiatives than I can shake a stick at, butto no avail. I wonder what it is the universe wants me to do? I wish it would get on with it before I run out of money - which is becoming imminent.