Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring is upon us finally. And even better news is that rain is due. It's been dryer than a dead Dingo's donger for weeks now, infact the whole autumn and winter has bordered on the positively arid. So, rain this evening is very welcome indeed.

The Redwings left us on the 20th of this month, which is usually a sign that Spring is there or therabouts, and the following day the frogs started spawning in the pond. This morning I awoke to a blue sky - a real novelty after a fortnight of steel grey - and a bright sun, and suddenly there was a crocus opened in the garden and the daffodils seem to have created flower buds over night. Whoosh!

And I have finished my school placement, with a brilliant report, so I'm like a dog with two tails today. To which end I am going to have a very long walk with the dog and experience Spring first hand out on Weaver's Down. Then, of course, I shall have to come back down to earth and satrt to write the two essays necessary to complete the course, and then I can get out and start looking for work properly.


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