Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So I have a raised bed now - handy if it floods during the night, perhaps - and all I need to do is fill it with earth. However, I think it's going to need rather more earth than I had anticipated, so the next question is likely to be as to where I need a big hole in the garden! Hmm.

Mind you, with Bush admitting that the Americans are addicted to oil, but bearing in mind how long it'll take to deal with that, perhaps I should start digging for 'black gold' and cash in while I can. It's funny how many commentators were quite excited by Bush's pronouncement, given that he said nothing about the environment, climate change, or pollution. I suspect the real agenda is the realisation by the Pentagon that if the US population guzzle all the oil, they'll be left short of the high octane fuels needed to power their military machine; that would never do. Still, whatever the rationale, if they convert to bio-fuels and look to reduce consumption, there will be positive things happening for our environment, and that's all that really matters.

Now if the chap who's supposed to be coming to deal with the central heating thermostat will just turn up, I can get on and finish my jobs in the garden. The time pressure is on now, because shortly all my time will be taken up with the return to teaching course, and the beds must be prepared for planting before then or I'll end up growing nothing much.

Well, sod it, he'll just have to call out to get my attention. I can wait no longer. More later.