Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Coo, sometimes a walk with the dog can be like going on safari. The other morning was one such, as I took Molly, the terrier-colly, on a surprise early morning stroll through the fields and down to the river. Rabbits, a Green Woodpecker, as female deer, and two foxes, not to mention a myriad small birds.

But the highlight was putting up a Grey Heron at the river, and watching it gain height while avoiding overhanging tree branches. The sheer scale of the bird, fairly close up, with the wings beating relatively slowly, yet effectively, gave a real sense of paddling through the air, much as humans might swim through water. And this was re-inforced by watching how it avoided the tree branches, making small course changes by favouring one wing and then the other and so moving slightly right or left while still climbing.

It was a very neat experience in terms of both quality and compactness.

Meanwhile, I pursue the goal of getting on to the Return2teaching course on the 19th. So far so good, and I now await a printing head for the printer so that I can print and fill out the application form. But happily, the device is still within the warranty period, and a new printer head is on its way (allegedly, anyway) so all should be well tomorrow - do I sound like a politician, or what?

And in the US more wheels fall of the Administration's bandwagon with the resignation of De Lay. Perhaps more usefully, there appears to be a growing recognition within the US that their politics really is horribly corrupt and maybe they should do something about it. This is going to be fun to observe.


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