Friday, December 09, 2005

I have been laid low by some damn virus or other, which has left me shot to bits for a couple of weeks. Jilly just got a head cold for a couple of days, so I reckon I must have had the evil twin.

I see the US is up to the usual nonsense at Montreal, and since it doesn't have a vote it's prevailed upon Saudi Arabia to run the interference and prevent agreement of anything but the most facile and specious concluding statements. But happily it seems that, increasingly, the US people are beginning to get their collective head around the need to actually do something, and State Governors and the like are now starting to ignore the administration.

Sadly, judging by comments on the BBC web site about the Montreal Conference, there are still an awful lot of people who remain in denial, and seem to believe that the growing clamour for carbon reduction is some sort of conspiracy aimed at reducing their personal wealth. Which, I suppose, gets to the nub of it.

As I see it, we have a society in which personal value is measured by personal wealth. Most people appear to have bought in to this - I certainly did in the past, because it was what I was taught by parents and peers and their parents and so on - and so think that if their opportunity to drive an SUV is curtailed, it somehow impedes their personal development.

The talk is then of being 'catapulted back to the Middle Ages', which they are reluctant to do. Me too. And in any event it's unnecessary. The challenge is not to relive the past but to invent a new, sustainable future. That, however, is going to require philosophical change, and that is the real challenge for the green movement.