Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Well, the search for gainful employment has cranked up again with two more applications away today. It's difficult to know, though, whether to pursue so many. I suppose that if they all come through I will have the luxury of picking the best for me. Here's hoping, nay intending.

It looks as if we may finally get rid of David Blunkett from government - Hoorah! I thought his policies as Home Secretary were generally execrable. He wasn't the very image of a Labour Party Home Secretary, rather one wondered why he wasn't signed up with Totalitarians R Us or something similar. And then he started bending the rules for his own convenience and, rightly, had to leave. So why on earth was he brought back?

If his judgement was crap then, why wouldn't it be so now? But, very helpfully, his arrogance led him to believe he was beyond parliamentary scrutiny, and bingo, it all comes out. Another politician with their snout in the trough. Perhaps he could get a job with George Bush as a special adviser in some capacity. George certainly doesn't have a problem with cronyism, but Tony Blair had better watch out because the smell from Downing Street is beginning to ripen like a piece of old brie.

Here in the southern march of the UK, the rain continues to fall, after a brief interlude yesterday. But at least in that time I was able to get out onto a local common and do some walking. And I can report that the fungi continue to be a delight this year. All the flowering plants may be having a poor time as the climate shifts, but the fungi, at least for now, are burgeoning. So far this year I think I have noted thirty odd different species on the common, but I'm sure that's probably only a proportion of the true number. However, one would need to do a proper survey to establish that.

The flowering plants, however, continue to worry me. This morning I woke up to a new rose on the climber in the front garden. That plant is going to be knackered by next summer if it carries on blowing resources on flowers at this time of year while it cannot replenish effectively photosynthetically.


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