Monday, November 07, 2005

Splutter, splutter, where did all this rain come from? But so far it would seem to be 'not enough', at least according to the water authorities who are still gazing gloomily on half empty reservoirs. Reading between the lines of a commentator the other day, we probably need it to rain constantly for the next three or four months in order to get back to a 'reasonably comfortable' position. Bloody hell, I'll have reverse-evolved into a fish by then!

What ever happened to Niger? Did everyone die, or are they still busy doing that? Poor old Niger seems to have been too soon in crisis after the Tsunami, so no-one paid attention to the imminent famine, and not soon enough before Kashmir distracted everyone again. One wonders what any remaining Nigerans make of it.

Here, however, we still wait for the Oak trees to start shedding their leaves. Finally they are beginning to turn, but it's rather late this year, like so much else. I've been looking forward to gathering leaves up to compost them (strange, but true), but the little buggers are hanging on resolutely to their twigs. I shall have to go and harangue them about this in due course - it's simply not cricket, holding a chap up like that.


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