Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Working mt way through the climate blogs I notice that there is significant discussion about Chris Mooney's book on how the Republicans appear to have declared war on science. This is a proposition that, from the Eastern side of the Atlantic, appears entirely plausible. But I don't think the issue is that the administration has declared war on science per se, ratherit has declared war on those areas of science that produce results that are inconvenient to its supporters. This is a normal political and commercial response to unwanted news.

As it happens, the areas in which this administration are particularly active in this regard, are ones with very scary consequences if they are wrong - and I think it must be fairly clear where I stand on that one.

What we, as global citizens, require is that our politicians take a global view on matters such as climate change and resource depletion. That can only happen with more globalised political structures. So it is particularly irritating to sea the US doing its best to undermine the UN, which is currently the only real contender for creating some sort of global governance. Naturally large changes will be required, but they really should be attempted, not swamped by the interference and disabling tactics used by the Bush Rottweiller in the UN, John Bolton.

At the same time as achieving a more global political strategy, there needs to be significantly more education to enable voters to be able to make informed, rather than politically misinformed, decisions on who should hold power. Bring back Nirvana, that's what I say.


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