Friday, October 28, 2005

Well, the Starlings really have returned with a vengeance. From just six last Autumn we appear to have getting on for 50 this time around. They are just so aggressive to one another, fighting and squabbling over pretty much everything. It's amazing they manage to fly around in such large flocks when roosting time comes in the evening, without fisticuffs all over the sky.

But it's good to see them making some sort of recovery from the population crash they have suffered over the last few years, even if it is going to cost the gross domestic product of a small European country to keep them in food this winter - which apparently is set to be a hard one, although who the hell knows. We've just had the warmest October day on record, and the North Atlantic storm season is now a record with 23 storms, and running through the Greek alphabet to label them because they've run out of names.


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