Monday, October 10, 2005

The job search continues unabated, but it is becoming clear that I don't really fancy much that is on offer. So I suppose that I am just going to have to be patient, which will no doubt make me jolly virtuous. But it would be nice to be contributing some cash to the household. Maybe I'll just have to go off and do a holding job for a while until I can find the right thing for me.

In the meantime, however, there is the research into eco-building to keep me occupied, and of course this blog, not to mention all the science and other news.

It was also rather alarming to discover that George Bush was instructed by God to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. This is clearly not the Christian God, who is clear on points such as not killing and treating other humans with the respect that one should llike accorded oneself. I note that a wry commentator in the Independent, posing the same question of which god this is, opts for the god in question being most likely to be the god Mammon. However, I'm not so sure.

Looking at all of it I conclude that this is the same false god that instructs Osama Bin Laden. In both cases the god concerned instructs the unleashing of death and destruction on the, mostly, innocent. In both cases it appears that there is only the one version of truth. And, of course, there will be heaven on earth once this world view is imposed upon everyone else. It reminds me of the approach to life taken by such historical notables as Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler. Let's hope 30 or 40 million don't have to die before this one settles out.


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