Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Greetings from a soggy Hampshire. It's been a long time since I was at this blog, but then it has been a ferocious few weeks. In that time the blessed spaniel died, and my sister and I contrived to part company, which has been a drama, a trauma and, finally, a relief.

So what was Rita thinking of, missing Galveston and Houston like that? There was a perfect opportunity to really focus US minds on the need to be rather more frugal in their use of fossil fuels. Instead, glodfish like, everyone will be back to business as usual within days.

Today it has been reported that Tony Blair has become a fully formed poodle of the Bush Administration, having now adopted its view on tackling climate change - i.e. do sod all, keep making money from oil, understand that the environment is there to be exploited not nurtured (too expensive, and eats into profit), and hope the market will deliver technological fixes.

So there we are, our Prime Minister, elected as the man to run a sovereign nation, has managed in just eight years, to make us the lap dog of the Americans and so also hated across the globe. He has tossed away the opportunity to start saving humanity from certain catastrophe if climate change is not dealt with. He has taken us into an unjustifiable war from which we now cannot easily extricate ourselves. He has presided over rafts of panic-measure legislation that are destroying civil liberties in a nation that has been a beacon to the world in such matters. His presidency of the EU has been pitiful thus far.

Why, I wonder, does the Labour Party not just ditch him? He is now a serious electoral liability. But I guess until there is stronger opposition in the House of Commons, that possibility has no real force to it. With the Lib Dems now starting to lose their way and the Conservatives remaining rather incoherent we are in danger of sleep walking into an effective dictatorship.

On the bright side, however, I'm moving along now, with my CV fully tarted up, and two applications for jobs now sent off. I do hope the right job comes along soonbecause my brain is going to start rotting from boredom soon. Not really, I've got lots of stuff on the board, from researching ecohousing and permaculture, to polishing up my Dutch and French. Not to mention the endless search for jobs, although there aren't many that I can apply for without moving house, and that isn't going to happen until Willem has finished his GCSEs.


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