Saturday, August 06, 2005

It transpires that hurricanes can generate waves in excess of 90 feet high. Apparently a previously unknown fact. I'm not surprised, who could survive such a thing? I must make sure not to be at sea during a hurricane. It's important to remember these things in life, you never know when they might come in useful.

It's just like having learned that pulling Bracken Fern by the stem in an attempt to uproot it is a silly thuing to do, because the odds are it'll get you first. This is where actually remembering the useful fact becomes important as well. Sadly I forgot the other day and received a cut to the inside of my finger that contrived to open an arteriole. Very messy. So now I'm walking around with a wonky finger. Thus is the importance of memory reinforced in my mind, such as it is.

Last weekend we decided that we were going to have to postpone the spiritual ceremony we were going to have as the second component to our wedding this year. In the end we had to move location, and it became apparent last wekend that we simply didn't have time to prepare things on the new territory. So it'll have to go back to May next year, on the anniversary of the civil ceremony, which seems appropriate anyway.

The Permaculture project is gathering some pace, and my first copy of the Permaculture magazine has arrived with a host of useful contacts and resources. This looks more and more like the direction we shall take for the coming decades. But looking at it I would estimate that there are a couple of years of research and learning to do first, and a bunch of practising.

Meanwhile the house is getting a make-over, so if you're coming round be warned that you will feel like HRH the Queen, because the smell of new paint is everywhere. We seem to be having a very focused clear out of the old and the unused in the house. It proves to be very satisfying. Speaking of which I hear a ceiling calling, and the light looks about right for painting, so more reports tomorrow.

And Nick's coming home soon. Hurrah!!!!


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