Saturday, August 27, 2005

I see George Bolton, Bushes 'ambassador' to the UN, is busy trying to destroy consensus on world poverty, climate change, global education and so on, and scupper the UN's Autumn summit on the topics. How many more years do we have to put up with this corrupt and immoral administration? Meanwhile Pat Robertson, Bush's 'Christian' chum who leads part of the christian right alliance, calls for the Venezualan president to be 'taken out'. These yanks really have a grip on Christian ethics and values, eh? All because Chavez has the temerity to want to siphon some oil wealth to create a better Venezuala for Venezualans.

Chavez was elected in a democratic election, as declared by independent monitors. George Bush says he wants to export democracy world wide, so why the blatant interference in Venezuala? Because his mates in the oil industry are hurting.

If you wonder why the World generally despises or hates America guys, this is why. Arrogance, greed, ignorance and/or wilful denial, bullying, rapaciousness, murderousness, duplicitousness. These are the consistent components underpinning US behaviour around the globe. Driven by profit greed and, increasingly, naked fear.

I think that, ironically, the catastrophic consequences of this administration's behaviour, especially if the next administration or two are as corrupt as this one, which seems entirely probable given the US population and how it behaves, will be the collapse of the US. Because its social philosophy has come down to simply the acquisition of money the denizens of the US will fight each other when the chickens of climate change, 'Free Trade', etc. come home to roost.

Since they're mostly armed to the teeth (apparently it is a right for everyone to be tooled up enough to kill each other) this will be a messy process. But at least it has the virtue that they will have less time to strut around other peoples' countries. Bin Ladan should relax and be patient.


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