Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bloggery is, it seems, a hard thing to keep going since life seems to be so busy. Since the last posting, my cousin Erik and his partner Annet have been over for a visit, many ceilings have been painted, Willem has had his 14th birthday and Nick has returned unexpecctedly from Australia. Bill and Claudia from Shanghai are about to show up to stay for a few days, which will no doubt keep me fully occupied. And then there's the garden, and finding a new job. Pretty 'phew' really.

I gather Senators Clinton and McCain have been to Alaska and conclude that there is evidence of global warming and the Senate should get on and do something. Try getting past vested interests, chaps. Your corrupt administration has all bases covered I'll warrant. They'll be able to fillibuster this to death whilst keeping their snouts in the trough.

However, I am cheered to start to observe serious opposition to Bush and his chronies. I should be even more cheered to see serious debate about the way in which US politics is undertaken and structured. The fact that the Bush clan were able to effectively rig both elections should be a cause for serious concern in any case, but I think the two party system is too restricted and in need of some serious restructuring.

If your politicians are so corrupt that vested interest can exercise the degree cof influence that is obvious in US politics, then the only recourse is to pit the vested interests against each other or else bleed them by making them split their bribes across too many options. If the politicians are really interested in government of the people, by the people, for the people then the two party approach can work. But what I observe in the US is government of the people by the politicians and officials, for the politicians and industry (including agri-business) and their bank accounts.

Next time, a treatise on religion and energy. Intriguing, eh?


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