Friday, July 22, 2005

What an extraordinary week. On Sunday we went to Doug's 50th birthday party, and that proved to be brilliant. Great weather, good company, and lots of fun and conversation.

During the week it has also become apparent that there have been late broods of Blue Tits and Sparrows, and one of Great Tits. This is becoming a remarkably productive year for our local feathered denizens. We are very pleased.

Giving up the Seroxat has been harsh. My brain has been short-circuiting to the extent that on several days I have not gone out at all, because it would have been dangerous to drive. However, the good news is that, as the days have rolled by, the frequency and intensity of the 'zaps' has slowly reduced. Now they seem to start later in the day, rather than the instant my eyes open, and are not as debilitating when there is a rush of them.

On the other hand I have been emotionally all over the place, veering from grumpy, to tearful, to broadly hilarious, and then effectively numb. The anxiety knot returned with a vengeance to start with, but is now just a quiet echo in the background.

So although I am not out of the woods quite yet, I appear to be heading in the right direction.

Yesterday, I managed something I have always wanted to do, courtesy of Jilly, and was able to spend the whole day in front of the television watching the opening day of The Ashes. It was a gripping day. At stumps, however, I had to ask myself whether the two teams realised they are playing a five day Test match. They went at it like it was a limited over one day game, so with 17 wickets having fallen already in the first day, I can't see this going out much beyond Saturday lunch time.

Then there was the attempted bombing of the Tube and Bus in London - including The Oval! How dare they attempt something like that on the first day of a Test match! It's enough to really piss one off. Argue amongst yourselves over religious beliefs, water, skin colour or whatever, but don't interfere with the cricket. Bloody poor show.

Jilly and I are also thinking of launching a whole new range of car paints. On the journey up to Doug's birthday party Jilly remarked on the 'hideous' colour of a car that we passed. On closer inspection of the other cars on the road it became clear that the one upon which she had remarked was not alone. And clearly they came in several ranges. We identified them as follows:

  • The Hideous Range - this appears to come as Truly Vile, Metallic Hideous, and Vomit
  • The Bowel Movement Range - with such notable contenders as Electric Bowel Movement, Frisky Faeces, and metallic You Can Probably Get Pills For That.

So with this market having been identified, we can get on and start some new options for the colour-blind and other unsuspecting victims.

But now I note that there is but an hour to go before the second, and at this rate, last day of the first Ashes Test commences. So I had better put this down and maybe report back later.


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