Friday, July 01, 2005

Well, there's going to be a small hiatus in this for a day or three, since I am off to Eden in Cornwall for the Africa Live 8 concert. My oldest friend snagged two tickets and his darling missus awarded me her ticket. I shall, of course report back. The question iswhat clothes to take, since this is England and the weather could therefore be anything.

I go with my heart singing, because I have heard from my eldest, Nick, who is in Australia and, being a bloke, is rubbbish at communication, so it's great to know that he is well. I suppose it's no worse than it ever was in the sense of not hearing so often from someone who is far away, but one becomes spoiled by e-mail and mobile phones, and the current ease of global communication.

The poor old spaniel has been suffering in the heat we've had iin the last few days, since his heart isn't working so well any more. So it's down to the vet before I head for Cornwall, for a second diuretic injection to try and lower the fluid load. The weather's much cooler now, and that is clearly helping.

Meanwhile our daughter, Cariad, has moved out for the fourth time, and we await to see how long she makes it this time. The situation is keeping us all amused, and I must say that she takes our ribbing in very good part.

And finally I note that the Italians are more than a little ticked off with the Americans, who have been practising their 'extraordinary rendition' in Italy (you know, where they lift some poor sod off the street and fly him or her out to some benighted ally that practices torture). They lived in expensive hotels and used ordinary mobiles and land lines to communicate, and then lifted this Imam from Milan and send the poor bugger to Egypt for torturing.

In the process they completely buggered up the Italian investigation and the cell they were tracking thus escaped. So they have issued warrants against 16 CIA operatives for kidnapping. The Italian government is seriously pissed off, not least at the sheer arrogance and unprofessionalism of those people.

Right. To eden and don't spare the hamsters.


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