Monday, July 04, 2005

Well, the Live 8 at the Eden Project in Cornwall was just spectacular. I've been to a few gigs in the half century or so that I've been on the planet, but this far and away the best I have ever attended. It really was Africa talking to the 'West' (or however you choose to define it), and in my experience nothing matches it. The setting, the ambience, the energy, and the performances were, well, something like sublime. I can't find a word that really captures it all.

The people of the Eden crew, and Tim Smit, Peter Gabriel, and all the others who gave their time for free and created such a magnificent, evocative, mesmerising gig, are also true, professional performers. For what it's worth I congratulate them upon an extraordinary achievement which they contrived to pull together in just a fortnight (give or take). Unprecedented I am sure.

At the top is Geoffrey Oryema, who, according to Peter Gabriel, was rather nervous coming on because his band hadn't been able to get there so he was going to do a set with just acoustic guitar. I can't see why, he was terrific. Mind you, the Cornish are generally a friendly bunch, unless you're an arrogant shit in which case beware, and he got a seriously warm welcome, seemed to relax into it, and gave a brilliant virtuoso performance.

And when the crowd went nuts for more at the end of the set, he blagged Peter Gabriel to do a duet with him, which was inspired.

Meanwhile, I have heard from Nick in Oz and he's sent a whole bunch of pics, which I'm hoping he'll identify when he gets back because they're very intriguing.

Well after all this I do hope the G8 effectively address the questions posed because I suspect that the natives are going to get restless in due course and then the solids are likely to get fan driven if they try and ignore us again. The fun and games have now begun in Edinburgh, and apparently the demonstrators have been carrying stones, 'staves' and 'other' non-lethal 'offensive weapons'. That's according to the Police Chief in charge of security.

Well, if the BBC news is anything to go by the stones and staves came from the municipal flower beds when the demonstrators were baton charged. And the 'other' non lethal 'offensive weapons' were geraniums. What's with the batons and body armour guys? Geraniums do smell a bit, but really.....!


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