Thursday, July 07, 2005

So London has won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics. I can't decide what I think about that, except to reflect that the amount of newsprint devoted to the Millenium Dome was extraordinary. Which means, given the relative size and complexity of that compared to the Olympics, Finland had better start planting a lot more trees for the extra paper that'll be required. It's a shame the French didn't get it. They could do with the work (ow, but it's irresistible to poke fun at the French, and in any event traditional).

Willem appears to be a happy chap and has a girlfriend. I hope it won't interfere too much with the work he's going to have to do over the next two years, but of course I know that it will. Being a dad proves to be much more tricky than one ever imagines, and I hear myself saying the same things my old man said to me. I know it shouldn't come as any surprise, but it brings me up short every time it happens, still.

Of course, I am waiting with baited breath for the statement on climate change from the G8. Lord May from the Royal Society was fairly clear about what he thinks is required, which accords with the views of the Scientific Academies of all G8 nations and those of India, China, and Brazil. Naturally it is only George Bush and the pork barrel boys of the US Congress and Senate who say the science isn't there yet. A clear demonstration of the power of greed, good Christian boys and girls that they are. The spokesman for the Energy Agency is'very worried' for the future of the planet if urgent and immediate steps aren't started off right now.

And what happened to Summer? we are now in our eighth day of leaden skys and cold winds. It's costing a fortune in bird seed as the feeding stations in the garden have become the sites of frantic activity. Mind you we have contributed to the successful rearing of five or six Starling broods, three Blue Tit broods, two broods of Great Tits, one of Nuthatches, and four or five of Sparrows. A lot of the kids are still coming round even now. And then we have a pair of Goldfinches and a pair of Bullfinches. So it has been a successful breeding season for the birds, despite having, now, some dozen or more cats now living in the immediate vicinity.

The cats keep trying to sneak up on the birds, but letting the dogs out on a regular basis keeps the cats on their toes, and although they constantly try so far they have been unsuccessful in killing any of the kids we have helped rear. Long may we continue to succeed.


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