Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I must say I am amazed with the progress the police appear to have made in such a short time in their search to find those responsible for the bombings last week. It seems that the perpetrators are spattered over bits of London. I suppose there is a kind of justice to that. But who recruited them, and why on earth did they sign up to be suicide bombers.

I can sort of understand the Palestinians doing it, given their appalling treatment at the hands of the Israelis, but guys from Leeds? There are clearly some sick and twisted bastards out there, beyond the ones in corporate boardrooms. But I guess that the second helps to beget the first.

Here we had fun and games on Monday when our neighbour Simon, who is a sad but large individual, prone to bullying all those that will allow it, decided to try and bully the MD of he local business park adjacent to us. When he became really threatening, the MD decked him. Respect!

Old Bill are not pressing charges. Quite right, because they wouldn't have a prayer of getting a conviction, given Simon's record of threatening behaviour. Now, perhaps, we can get him off the site, although his old man, who owns the site, is terrified of him, and afraid he will come back and murder the family. Simon has apparently threatened him with a shotgun in the past. He really does need help, but of course doesn't think there's anything wrong with him so will accept none. A shame for all concerned.

Meanwhile, we appear to have a second brood of Great Tits and Blue Tits with us, so this really is turning into a fantastically productive year.


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