Thursday, July 14, 2005

I had a really neat e-mail today from Yvonne and Harry in Venezuela, just checking that none of us were involved in last week's bombing nonsense. It was forwarded on to me from a contact at work. In the process we have discovered that the commpany is actively blocking my e-mail address - in and out. How pathetic.

It's lucky my chum did this for me, since I lost all of my contact information when I was bounced out of the offices that fateful day. I wasn't able to download my addresses from work, and I was unable to collect the charger for my IPaq until a fortnight later. By then the bloody thing had run out of battery and lost its mind, so I was rather knackered for contacting anyone. Happily I think we may be able to start re-constructing things - and this time its going into a book so that there can be no issues of running out of memory.

I have now run down the Seroxat to nothing at all, and I am getting the neurological sequelae from that. This stuff really is poison. I feel mentally fine, but keep getting these 'zapping' sensations which render me momentarily out of control of my limbs. Most alarming. So I shan't drive at the moment, until this phase passes. But one thing is certain, I'm not having anything more to do with that stuff, or its relatives. Despite what they say, these things really can be addictive, because when you stop them you do suffer a form of cold turkey and there is a great temptation to restart to stop the symptoms. In my book that falls into the category of an addictive substance.


At 1:49 PM, Blogger easy struggler said...

Thought I'd better check your blog to see what you have been imparting to an unsuspecting world.Have you ever asked an American to define freedom ? Me neither, but it should be good for a laugh.
Did I tell you about the Bible pushers who came calling the other day? Hadn't seen any for years which is probably why they looked so young, and I found myself to be in a far too mellow mood to give them as hard a time as I had anticipated so having persuaded them to admit that they wanted to talk about 'God' I just told them that when I want to talk to god I do, and when god talks to me I listen, thus no middle man and no confusion. Seemed to work.
Trouble is people don't really want to be told what is right for them they need to be lead not pushed and you can only give them all the information and hope they make the choices which coincide with your own. This is why education not indoctrination is the planets only chance.


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