Saturday, June 25, 2005

This is something of a novelty, for I actually have sufficient time on my hands to be able to have a blog at all. Finally, at the grand age of 53, I have the opportunity to create yet another new life for myself, having been made redundant by a US Corporation (in the brutal way that US corporates seem to have perfected). It was a startling experience to find that after 30 years in continuous work I apparently had no value, but I understand that in the bid to cut costs to satisfy the venture capitalists and shareholders, sacrifices had to be made. I've never been a sacrifice before. It's not an experience that I would recommend.

Now, I recognise that I could, at this point, panic and rush to the nearest job centre, but that's not going to happen. First off I am taking a month off to do nothing and so to become a human being, which will be an important change from a human doing. And so there will be time for contemplative thought and we'll see what emerges.

However, some things are pretty clear already. I will not rejoin the corporate world. The legal idea of the embodiment of an organisation as some sort of being - as in corpore - leads to an interesting proposition it seems to me. For having watched a number of corporations operate, from inside and out, their behaviour, in a human, would be described as psychotic.

This leads to a rather scarier notion. For, as anyone can see, globally politicians are increasingly influenced by corporations and corporate interests. The most glaring example is in the US, where corruption of the body politic is endemic. It really is very rich for a country that has moral values that require the implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley, to lecture the Africans on business ethics. What ethics? Robert Mugabe and George Bush are as bad as each other, they're both corrupt, they both implement their self-serving policies with violence, they don't care how many people get hurt in the process. The only difference is that Mugabe doesn't have WMD.

Thus endeth the first rant of the day.

So the scary notion is that, slowly but surely, global politics becomes the instrument of business, at which point we cease to be people. We become 'Human Resources' - notice that personnel departments are a thing of the past. I fear for our children's future. Something needs to be done. I wonder what?


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