Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cor blimey! How I found time to work at all beats me. There seems to be an endless string of things to do, to the extent that getting to write this on a regular basis is proving a bit of a challenge. And I started out wondering what I was going to do with my time. Shoot. How wrong you can be.

The spaniel continues to educate me in the art of stick throwing, and how to create your very own wood yard in the dining room. He has also given some fascinating demonstrations of how to reduce recalcitrant sticks to chippings, using very blunt teeth (well he is very old now - probably about 96 in human years).

Meanwhile on the window here, I have my very own life drama being played out, as a spider hunting solitary wasp seeks out a little zebra spider which, in turn, is aware of a daddy long legs that is twatting about in the corner. Actually I don't think any of them will find one another, although the crane fly may well blunder in to the spider I suppose. They're not awfully bright.

Now to mow grass. You see, there's just no time.


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